Withstanding The Flood

April 1st 2009

Sunday March 22nd my family and I were in Tooele all day as we have been the last several Sundays.  We are there for church in the morning and Cantata practice in the evening.  After making the 100 mile drive home we walked in the front door to find that while we were gone there had been a flood-not a water flood-but a sewage flood.  It seems that the sewer line under our complex backed up, and the place it primarily came out was our master shower!  It also came out in our primary bathroom.  Our master bathroom, primary bathroom, master bedroom, hall closet, entryway, dining room, kitchen, and a portion of our living room were flooded.

What was destroyed in the mess?

-Our entire master bedroom set including my mothers heirloom hope chest

-Our dining room set

-The large hutch in our dining room

-Our entertainment stand

-Various things such as rugs, shoes, clothes in the hamper, the vacuum broom and mop, and all sorts of little things

What wasn’t destroyed despite the mess?

-Our family

-Gods provision for our family

-Our belief that the Lord is unchanging and will be glorified no matter what circumstance we are in

So we spent several days in a hotel while we moved what wasn’t in the mess to a smaller unit that was available, dealt with our insurance who is going to replace our belongings, and dealt with the complex management who informed us the total clean up would take 2-4 weeks.  We are a week and half in at this point and things are moving along well.

For now we are asking God what He wants us to do with this, what He is telling us, what steps He wants us to take next.  Through this He is still the same God He has always been.  Regardless of our changing circumstance He is an unchanging God-the one consistent in our lives we can always count on.  So despite the mess if we remain in His will standing firm on His promises we will withstand the flood.