My Story

November 30th 2008

God uses each of us in unique ways for His Kingdom once we give ourselves completely to Him.  He molds us from the day we accept Him, never tiring of the task of molding us into the person who He created us to be.  November 27, 1991 I accepted Christ as my Savior and Lord, and He has been molding me ever since!  At times the hammer has been light, chiseling little by little, and at other times heavy, taking away things I did not want to give up.

Through the process I have come to know my Lord as a God of love, grace, mercy and care.  He has been faithful to His promises again and again.  He has proven to me that I stand in a place of sonship, adopted and loved.

I am a wife and mother who has been through a three year medical journey that has tested my strength  physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  Through this process God has taught me lessons I would not give back.  I would go through the trial again if it were the only way to learn the things I have about my Lord, to grow in Him the way I have, and to discover the passion He has planted in my life.  In the end of all of it He gave me a desire for this ministry that I can only say is of God.


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