He Amazes Me

March 13th 2012

Once again I am amazed by my husband.  In part because of what he is doing, but mostly because of how he goes about it.

We are still trying to sell our house in Nevada.  This means paying a mortgage on a house we aren’t living in, while paying rent to live here.  This also means double the utility bills.  It’s been nearly 6 months of this.  Our savings is gone.  To continue to do this I started looking for a part time job, which has to date been a failure.

God proved to us again that he will provide what we need.  A few weeks ago my husband’s company approved all overtime.  This means Mike can work all the hours he wants, as long as the extra hours are during the day.  He works swing shift, 3-11:30.  The last few weeks he has been going in early, going in on days off, and never once has he complained about it.  Not once.  During the time I was so horribly sick, he never complained once, at least not to me.

This is why he amazes me.  He has stood with me, held me up, cared for me, watched over me, loved me, provided for me, and never once with complaint.  He continues to do that, and continues to trust that God’s timing is perfect.  I look at him and know the man standing with me is a picture of how God treats us.  God stands with us, holds us up, cares for us, loves us, provides for us, and never complains.  In my husband I see those characteristics, and I am amazed.  I thank God for giving him to me, and I am amazed.  I am amazed at how God provided for me a husband who never complains, not ever, as he stands with me.


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