Someone I knew once somehow realized one day they needed to do something for me. How they knew that-you might have to find them and ask them. I was in college then, and I am not sure where they are now. My life to that point had been, well, rocky.

As a child I had was raised in a home that had very little. At 9 my parents moved us on a whim from New York to California in an attempt to change that. My parents fought-a lot-they divorced when I was in Jr high. They both remarried quickly. My parents encouraged my siblings and I to do more for ourselves then they had done when we were kids. So I was determined to do just that-have a different life. I went to college with the goal to get. To get a job making a lot of money, to get a fancy car, a fancy house, fancy friends, get get get. When this person met me, I was on the path to get—Get unhappy in a big way.

Somehow this person knew something was missing. Though I had been exposed to God as a child, and right after my parents divorced, even though I had heard about Christ and His death on the cross, none of it had any impact on me. They invited me to attend an event where a pastor spoke about what God had done for us in an analogy using baseball! (Reaching Home Plate Safe) I was somewhat surprised. Yet that night I realized that up until then I had missed the point—that get get get was not going to give me a future any different then what my parents had. That night the Pastor made it very clear that baptism, works, or even just plain goodness, were not going to get anyone to heaven, including me! That only if I trusted Christ and in His death on the cross would that happen. That night I surrendered my life before God and trusted Christ as my savior.

My goals-get get get-well it took me a while to give those up, to realize that all those fancy things meant nothing to God. That molding me into the person He could use for His purpose was His goal. Years later, after my life looked much different then those fancy goals I had set for myself, an Anvil dropped on my head so to speak. A four year medical battle that is not yet over. Yet I have learned that God is the same God He has always been yesterday, today and that He will always be despite what is happening in my life. That despite what might occur, He is going to fulfill the promises He has made to me. My life might be upended from my perspective, but from His outlook He is still in the process of molding me into the person He desires me to be, so everything is going according to plan, and He is still fulfilling His promises in the process.

This proves to me He is faithful. There is one promise He has yet to fulfill to me that I am looking forward to with great hope and anticipation. 1 Corinthians 15 tells me that this body I have that is perishable and weak will be raised with Christ imperishable! I look forward to the day when I will spend eternity with my savior. This promise of eternity -it can be anyone’s, it can belong to anyone who trusts Christ and receives the grace and forgiveness He gives to them through His death on the cross. The future I now hold is much different then the future I held when it was all about get get get because it no longer depends on what I do, it is now sealed in what Christ did for me.


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