This week was the “hugely anticipated” premiere of the last Harry Potter movie. I know believers who have read the books and watched all the movies, and are animate that it is “only entertainment”. I have not read the books or seen the movies, and I do not intend to. Here is why.

I don’t think believers would find a movie whose main character and hero was a sex trafficker. Why? Because we recognize that there are people who are actually in bondage in real life, and that is not an entertaining thought. There are people in this world who are in bondage to witch craft, who visit witch doctors to ail their woes, who go to high places to offer sacrifices.

How then do we take something that keeps people in bondage, and decide it is good subject matter for entertainment, how do we make sorcery the hero? Because we do not want to believe that the evil is real, that it really happens in the world, that it even happens in America.

I have a dear dear friend who fell into witchcraft, was deceived, in bondage, and still struggles with temptation and with the consequences of it. She was a believer when this happened, she understands Gods forgiveness and grace in ways I simply cannot. I would never look at that friend and say Harry Potter just entertainment just because it came with a front and back cover, just because I can eat popcorn when I watch it. If I did I would be making her struggle insignificant, it would be making light of her very real battle with evil.

When we take something that is the cause of another person not seeing Christ and we attempt to repackage it into something entertaining, we make insignificant the opinion of God. If another person is in bondage to something, we shouldn’t find that a subject of entertainment, but a subject of heartache. God is grieved that there are people in bondage. Repackaging something that keeps others in shackles shouldn’t make us see it any differently. Harry Potter may only be a book and a movie, but it is based on subject matter that keeps real people, created by God, in bondage, and I simply cannot see that as subject matter for my entertainment. Even if I can eat popcorn while watching it.


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  1. Amen and Amen. I have not seen even one movie nor read one book for the witchcraft overtones and specific bondage to wickedness that these story lines have exposed. The bondage to sin is such a burden to many, and this is just another example of how this world seems to just “accept” what wickedness comes our way. God bless you, Kelly.

    Comment by Rev TJ Conwell — July 16, 2011 @ 11:46 am

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