The last few nights it has been so nice to sit in the evening and do what we have done leading up to Christmas every year for the past several years.  We have a tradition in our house of doing the “Adorenaments” from FamilyLife each year.  If you haven’t heard of these they are a set of ornaments that match 12 names of Christ, and on them is printed the scripture reference that goes with it.  Each night leading up to Christmas we get one out, read the reference, and the devotional to go with it.  Then Bryan gets to hang the Adorenament on the tree.

When Bryan was really little we focused on him learning that they were different things that Christ is to us, and that we know that because the bible tells us that.  Now at almost 9, he really understands why Christ has several of these names, and how to even explain them before we read the devotional.  In each of the names of Christ is a promise, and if my son knows them and understands them, then he is going to be able to see God fulfilling those promises in his life.

So each night up until Christmas we will continue doing this, and we will do it again next year.  This is one way we make sure we don’t get caught up in All The Fringe in this house.  My challenge to you-  Ask yourself  “What is my Christ centered Christmas tradition?”