Pop Quiz

January 6th 2009

Tests.  Tests.  Tests.  Most students dread them.  Some of them like them just fine.  And others…well they think of them as fun!  For me tests took on a whole new meaning the last few years.  I have had so many different tests I have finally lost track of all of them.  I use to keep track of how many different ones I had, now I just don’t worry about it any more.  To put it into perspective, I have so many MRI films I could wallpaper my bathroom and have some leftover, and that isn’t even all of the ones I have had done.  I now fall asleep very well in an MRI tube, and I find it rather funny that nurses get a kick out of some of the stories I can tell.  You know you are an interesting patient when a nurse says “That’s a new one”!

Today I got a phone call that I would have dreaded 3 years ago.  I have to go have my blood drawn tomorrow because they didn’t draw enough yesterday.  You see I use to hate needles, well I still don’t particularly care for them.  Drawing my blood use to be an arduous task!  Now after 3 years of tests that, well lets just say a needle can’t compare to, getting my blood drawn seems like nothing.  Me, who even as a teenager practically had to be sat on to have her blood drawn.  Its amazing how much can change when you have a little perspective.

Tests in the medical world are quite different then those in the rest of the world.  We have tests in about evey aspect of life.  First in school, then to drive (some of us again when we get older), then even at work!  Then we have the tests that really count.  The tests that tell us who we depend on, where our foundation is poured.  Those tests that are not scheduled, that we don’t know are coming.  Like a pop quiz they just get sprung on us.  How well we do depends on how well we were studying along the way.  Are we the “wait till the test and cram” type person, or the “study every day so we know it all in and out” type person?  From my experience I can say for the real tests in life the second option is a much better choice.

For these types of tests though the studying can’t just be done in a book.  Yes part of it is.  In Gods word we find the instructions, but it is in prayer that we build the relationship that allows us to understand and apply that knowledge in a meaningful and significant way in our life.  The molding happens when we “study” daily.  When we allow God to change us into who He wants us to be.  Me- I will keep studying daily so that when the next pop quiz come up I will be ready.