The Quiet

August 15th 2009

The last 2 days it has been quiet around here.  My husband has been at work, and my son with his grandparents at the annual tradition of  “Kuzzins Kamp”.  A “kamp” for all of the cousins 4 and over who get together for several days with their grandparents, no parents allowed!  They have a blast doing crafts, going on field trips, and just visiting with their grandparents and cousins.  Every year they talk about it for months, then they start talking about what might happen next year.  The older kids have already told their parents they expect them to do this when they are grandparents!

For the parents who’s children are all over 4 it means 3 days with no children.  For Mike and I it means a quiet house.  Bryan, being an 8 year old boy, doesn’t exactly know what quiet is!  He told me before we left to drop him off that this was practice for me, practice for when school started in 2 weeks and it would be quiet all day around here again.  I had to laugh!  In reality it is nice to have the quiet.

For me distraction is a reality of my life.  I no longer concentrate well in an enviroment of distraction.  So this year, in the quiet, I can concentrate on something that the Lord has asked me to do.  Without excuse.  I will write.