Our Past

April 26th 2011

We never escape our past, even if we think we have forgotten our past.  The enemy is in the habit of using our past against us whenever he thinks it will support his cause.  In 3 days time he has done that to me twice, in two different ways.

Sometimes the enemy likes to use another person to remind us of our past, he pits one against another in an attempt to destroy them.  A few days ago this is what he did, again, to me.  This is a cycle that has been happening for well over 10 years.  The enemy reminds one person of the past, that person uses it against the other over and over again, causing pain over and over again.  The enemy loves to remind people of wrongs for which they have been forgiven, or wrongs they have forgiven another for, to cause them to doubt, to cause them to hurt, to cause them to turn their eyes away from what God is doing now.  Satan loves to use our past mistakes, and the relationships they happen in, to his advantage.

Other times the enemy reminds us of our past through circumstance.  Taking what is happening now and weaving reminders and tidbits into present things so that we are drawn back into things we have long since forgotten.  I am not in the habit of keeping track of things that go wrong, or of wrongs committed against me, at least I try my hardest not to.  The enemy, however, is.  It is to his advantage to do so because past wrongs by us, and by others against us, are a great way for him to cause us grief, misery, doubt, and anger.  Our past is an easy and convenient battle ground for the enemy.  He can cause us to dwell on what we have been forgiven, or on what we have given forgiveness for.

The only way to win this battle is to turn our eyes to the Lord, realizing that though He knows all, he chooses to wipe away our wrongs through Christ.  The enemy can never cause our Lord to doubt us because of our past.  The enemy can never cause the Lord to pull back his grace, mercy, and love, because of our past.  What a powerful realization, what a powerful reminder that the enemy can not win the battle, because it is the Lord’s battle, not ours.  In Christ we are victorious, so the enemy cannot conquer us, even with our past.