It is nearing the move! We are 12 days from the closing date on our new home, and 17 days from the move in date!  As we look ahead to when we move my husband Mike and I find ourselves saying “that is something I won’t miss”.  When we say that we are always referring to those things where we live now that have always annoyed us, but that we have learned to live with yet not complain about.  Funny thing is now that we are moving we are noticing them again and allowing ourselves to say “that is something I won’t miss.”

Though that is not much of a complaint, it is a way of telling each other that though we haven’t complained about it all this time, it has annoyed us.  As I thought about these things, I started to wonder what would happen when we moved and we started to find those little things in our new house that annoy us yet we don’t complain about.  Yes of course we will love our new home, yet there are always those little things you find that you wish were just a little different.  Maybe it will be a light switch that isn’t in quite the right spot, or how far the hose valve is from the driveway.  Whatever those little things are they are bound to exist, and we might allow them to annoy us even if we don’t complain about them.

Since we already have a list of things each of us are saying “that is something I won’t miss” about this place, I have decided that I am going to start writing them down.  Why?  So that we will be reminded later that this place we left had a lot of things we didn’t like, and that despite any annoying things in our new place, the grass is still greener there.  It is literally greener, since it has a front and back yard, and it is greener because all the things that annoy us about where we are now, won’t exist anymore.  So even if new little annoyances come up, the grass on that side will always stay greener if we remember the long list of things we wouldn’t miss once we left here.


Another Move

September 23rd 2009

This morning I called the movers and set up the official move to our new house!  On October 21st we will complete the process of buying our first home, and then on October 26th the movers will come pack, move, and unpack our things!  I sit here contemplating the fact that since June of 2006 this will be the 5th time I have moved.  I am beginning to understand how my husband felt as a child growing up as a missionary kid, though his moves didn’t usually involve floods.

The last two times we moved were earlier this year when we had our flood and we had to move out of apartment for several weeks.  Then at the end of the clean up process we simply moved back into it.  Those were move numbers 3 and 4, and I still have boxes left unpacked from move number 4.  This move is for a much more exciting reason!  Buying our first house is a dream come true.  I told my husband sometime during this process “thank you for making my dream come true” and he looked at me and he said “the second one” pointing toward our son.  I call them dreams because there were times in my life I didn’t think either of those two things would be possible, now I will have both.  When my son was born my first dream became real, and now my second is becoming real.

Though it means I have to move for the 5th time in just over 3 years, the feeling of having ones dream fulfilled is amazing.  This dream is a dream for someone else, which makes it even better.  You see, this dream is a dream that my son would have a backyard!  With a house comes a backyard-so dream fulfilled.  When we went to look at the house he cared more about the backyard than where his room might be, and that tells me he is getting something he has dreamed about too.  So to fulfill this dream, on October 26th we will undertake our 5th move since June 2006.