Road Trip Day 6

April 10th 2010

Day 6 of my Road Show Road Trip started with waking up too early. Why?  Because a 9 year will not skip breakfast even though his mother was up too late driving back to the hotel from an amazing show the night before!

After that we took it easy for the first time in days.  We stayed in the hotel and did nothing of significance until lunch time.  Bryan built a house of cards, I wrote my blog, and then we went to lunch at the Quiznos conveniently located across the parking lot of the hotel.  We returned to the hotel and again did nothing of significance for the afternoon until it was time to go to the concert venue!!  Sylvia came and picked us up, and off we went!

In line we met two woman, who have been friends since college and are now both teachers in the same district.  We were able to share our stories, and we even played Yahtzee, which we conveniently brought the parts of for the wait in line!  We had fun with 2 sisters in Christ, except for the ants who interrupted.  Bryan met a little girl and made a friend instantly.  Once again the wait in line was not a chore but a blessing.

We discovered that Ely, who had a donors pass, had saved 2 seats in the front row for us!! (Thank you Ely-amazing and unexpected!)  Why 2?  She did not realize Bryan would be with us.  At first I took Bryan to sit somewhere else, then Sylvia went to sit somewhere else, then it turned out there was one seat in the second row so Sylvia sat there.  So Bryan and I sat in the front row (thank you Sylvia).  In the process of finding the seats I was approached by none other then MMBiggestfan, from the Rock and Worship Road Show live stream chat!  We each knew the other would be there and I told her to look for me since my shirt would be fairly easy to spot–and she spotted it right away!  What a joy to meet a sister in Christ whom you have prayed with, worshiped with, and fellowshipped with for so long.  Then we were able to worship together, fellowship together, and at the end of the show pray together.

Before the show started I told Ely I wanted to pray with some people around us, so her and I gathered a few people, we got together within the chairs, right there in the front, and prayed.  We were just saying “amen” as Sidewalk Prophets walked on stage!  It is such a  joy to me to pray for others, with others, and to show others that praying is such an easy uncomplicated thing.  Once again in the middle of the concert when there was just a couple of minutes down time I turned to those same few people and asked them what they needed prayer for, and we prayed.  They seemed a bit surprised I even asked, and I am glad I asked, for they should not be surprised by prayer amongst the body of believers.  At the end of the show Lisa (mmbiggestfan) and I prayed together, it was so sweet to pray together in person, to hear her voice with me at the feet of the Lord.  Having had the chance to worship together and fellowship together and now pray together.  How divine.

The concert of course was amazing!!  Each of the bands doing exactly, once again, what the Lord has so uniquely and amazingly gifted them to do.  I am at awe the way the Lord has brought everyone in the Rock and Worship Road Show all together.  The bands, crew, volunteers, each person together in such a large tour, to do His work.  Then again I ought not be since He is God and He will do whatever He wants to accomplish His purpose.  I am thankful He gives each of  them protection each night, strength to accomplish it, comfort when they are weak, peace in being away from home, and each other to fellowship with and be accountable to.  I am thankful He is using them in His work because I see what He is doing through them in the live stream chat room and now in the live venues.  The Lord is using them to ensure He is glorified and praised, and His Word is rightly and boldly proclaimed.

For them I will continue to pray.  Pray that they will seek the Lord each day individually and corporately.  That the Lord’s protection, wisdom, guidance, strength, shelter, comfort, and peace will be theirs constantly.  I ask you this question, will you pray with me?  Will you continue to support them in prayer, or start supporting them in prayer?  Will you provide the most powerful thing you can to this ministry by going to the Lord’s feet for them?  Let’s take a roll call.