When I get excited about something I have to share it.  This has me excited! May 4th 2010 MercyMe will release The Generous Mr Lovewell and this last week they went on a road trip and radio stations played “All Of Creation”, the first single.  Today, January 22, 2010 only it is available on their website to listen to, and it is amazing.  God has once again used these guys to bring a message in song that reminds all of us of why we are here.

In this song we are reminded that there was one moment when hope was born and that we are no longer bound by chains.  With Lyrics like “The reason we breath is to sing of His glory and all He has done” we are reminded that the Lord is to always be the object of our worship.  This song tells us to “lift up our voice and lay our burdens down” and that all of creation will sing together, and that His glory will resound!  Creation will worship the Lord together and praise Him for the hope He gives us and thank Him for taking our burdens, and the words of this song allow us the chance to begin that now.  Let us worship the Lord together.

MercyMe thank you once again for saying “Yes” when the Lord said “Do this for me”, for He is using you in His plan to do more then any of us yet know.  I cannot wait to see what the Lord does through this and through you in the future.  My continued prayers as always.