I celebrate a rather strange anniversary today.  For those of us who celebrate this particular anniversary, it is as much an anniversary, as it is a remembrance.   A remembrance of what my life was like when I was grasping for what could be done, and what I had lost to get to that point.  You see, 2 years ago today I had a portion of my brain removed–yes rather shocking if you didn’t already know that about me.  My Medical Journey had left me with only one good option at that point.  Today is the two year anniversary of my right temporal lobectomy, the two year anniversary of the day I did the only thing I could do get my life back, the one shot I had at being seizure free.

Now at the two year anniversary I remain, as always, confident that I will reach that day, the day I will be seizure free.  No, still not there yet, but I will be.  How can I be confident in that fact when the best of medicine has so far failed me?  Because it is not medicine I am counting on to make that happen.  There is a promise I look forward to being fulfilled more then any other promise that has ever been made to me.  That promise is found in 1 Corinthians 15, that promise, that I will be changed from Perishable to The Imperishable.  That as I now bear the likeness of the man from earth, I will bear the likeness of the man from heaven (1 Cor 15:49), that I will one day be like Christ.  On that day my body will no longer be physical, no longer be perishing, and I will be seizure free.  On that day this anniversary will no longer be significant, because I will be with my God, the one has proven Himself faithful to me in every way.