The comment has been made, the controversy has started, the conversations about it are everywhere, even on twitter and facebook.  If you don’t know the comment, you haven’t been running in the same circles I do.  It’s the Pat Robertson comment.  One man making one comment about one nation and its people.

So here is my question?  Are you one of those people trying to defend yourself and what you believe against that one comment and in the process tearing down a man?  Here is my thought on the whole matter, a nation does not define the people in it, and one person does not define a nation.

Now that I have stated my thought I will not tear down another believer.  Tearing down another believer only allows the enemy to win the battle, not because he deceives a nation, but because he is deceiving believers into thinking it is ok to attack each other.  Why is it that Christians are the first to condemn each other?  We think that rather then simply stating our own thought, we must tear down the thoughts of another with negative comments, and in the process we become the playground for the enemy by making a spectacle of ourselves and our fighting.  We are not to say whether another is condemned because of what they say, that is the Lord’s job.  What we are free to do is share our own thought on the matter, without condemning another person because of their thought.

However, if what we want as believers is the right to condemn each other for one statement, then we must accept the consequences of that right.  That consequence, anyone can do the same to us, even when we share the gospel, even when we speak the truth, even when we are right.  Is that what we want, a church where believers right to speak freely about their faith is diminished because we want the right to tear each other down from the inside?  If anyone wants that kind of Christianity then I must ask them, how much grace did the Lord give to You?  And with that grace did He intend for you to become a judge of others?  If you think that, ask God to judge you as harshly as you judge others.