Shiny New Trophy

December 26th 2008

It arrived in the mail, my new drivers license.  The trophy is here, the thing that I waited for, the thing that shows I made it to the end of the tunnel I was in for so long.  The trophy that shows me that I am on to the next new journey, the next stage in the molding process.  In other ways it won’t end because I am never going to be the same person I was when it started, I never can be because I have been changed and molded on His Anvil into something new and better.  I see things in a different perspective, in ways I had not thought of, in ways I had not dreamed of.  I imagine my life different now then I had three years ago.  I have a passion for something completely different then I had three years ago.

God does amazing things when we lay on His anvil.  He molds us and changes us in ways we never would have imagined for ourselves.  This is because our ways are our not like His ways.  We can never fathom His ways.  We can never fathom what He might do next with us.  I now have that trophy in hand, but cannot fathom what He might do to me next, what He might do in this stage of the molding process.  But I do know that it is beyond what I would fathom, and way better then that which I would choose for myself.  So here I sit, putting myself on His Anvil, waiting for what He will do.  I pray I will continue to be moldable, and that I will continue to listen to what He has for me rather then what I desire for myself.