God’s Instruments

May 14th 2010

I wrote an email to someone today to encourage them in their ministry.  I reread what I wrote and I decided I wanted to share it here because I was encouraged by the words God gave me to share with this person.  Sometimes when I reread what I have written I think to myself “I wrote that?” and am encouraged myself by the words.  Here is what I wrote:

A musical instrument does not sit before a sheet of music and wonder how it will play the cords and notes, it knows it is only the instrument the musician uses to accomplish the song.  In the same way we do not have to sit before the work God has set before us wondering how we will get it done, we only need to know that God is going to use us as His instrument to accomplish His song which will bring Him glory.  Being used as God’s instruments only requires us to listen and allow Him to control the song we play, rather then trying to play it on our own, for when we play it, it is always out of tune and does not bring Him glory.

Don’t allow the enemy to make you doubt your ability to accomplish the task before you, for it is not you who will accomplish it, but God.  He has simply asked you to be His instrument in the act of accomplishing it.  What greater power is there in knowing that God will accomplish the task, for God always completes what He sets out to accomplish.  The fact that He ever asks us to to be His instrument is humbling, for unlike a musician God does not require an instrument to play His song.