Open Book-A Transparent Heart

December 22nd 2008

When we are transparent to others, an open book, share it all, we do so because our hearts tell us to do so.  This does not mean the same will be done in return.  Sometimes it even means we will be hurt.  Our motivation for doing this will determine whether we withhold our affection from others once we are hurt by someone who holds back their heart from us after we have laid our hearts open to them.


If we are doing this because we love, because we know that God can use our experience and what we have been through, and what He has done, we will continue laying our book open to others.  If our motivation is superficial or self serving the hurt will often stop us from opening our book again.  It is interesting to me to see what Paul wrote in 2 Corinthians 6:11-13 about the fact that they were opening their hearts to them, the Corinthians, but not receiving the same in return.  Doesn’t God do this for man?  Despite how, or even whether we do the same in return!


This began when God opened a way by sending Christ, by keeping the book open, not closing the pages or ending the story because we were not loving in return.  Christ being born in a manger is the ultimate example of 2 Cor 6:11-13, God not withholding affection from us.