The debate is starting up again, this time over New Moon.  On November 21st on Natalie Grant  posted a video on her website about going to see the movie, and the debate went from there.  After reading the responses for several days I posted what follows.  I decided to post it here, because I wanted to share it with everyone.

My whole thought on this is: if you even for one moment question your own wisdom and motive in seeing this movie–you ought to listen. The Lord gave you a helper, the Holy Spirit, to guide you. That Spirit is going to guide you to do things, say things, see things, walk places, and act in a way that is pleasing to the Father. Yes what we see, what we hear, what we say, how we act, and where we go all influence whether or not the Lord is pleased with us. Regardless of how others view us, isn’t how the Lord views us even more important to us? It should be. Why do we bother to ask what others would think of us doing something–we ought to ask what the Lord would think. If the Holy Spirit is prompting you in any way not to do something–by all means listen! Whether it is this movie, another, going somewhere, saying something, an activity you take part in, everything we do.

We are a people who have gotten so good at justifying our actions by saying “it isn’t as bad as….” or “the world is bad we shouldn’t shelter ourselves from it” or “it doesn’t influence me because I am better then that.” The bible disagrees with all of those statements. Justification for doing something that is not pleasing to the Lord–no matter what body part you do it with–is still justifying sin. If it displeases the Lord it displeases Him fully-not in part. Listen to Helper the Lord has given you, don’t drown Him out with justifications and falsehoods told to you by an enemy wishing to trip you up.