Can You Be Honest

January 27th 2010

Woman’s bible study has once again started.  We are studying the book of Daniel together using Beth Moore’s study.  I am looking forward to all it will bring, as the first two weeks have already been wonderful!  It is always good when we can get together to study God’s word.  Last night I was struck by something that happened and have been thinking about it since then.

One of the things we were discussing is being consistent.  That consistency in our walk is what allows us to avoid wearing masks because we are who we say we are, and we can say who we really are, so we can be honest always.  At another point in the evening we were discussing identity.  The fact that the world, and others, often label us so that we lose of our true identity in Christ.  That despite all of labels that might be put on us, our identity in Christ never changes once we have trusted Christ and become a child of God.  Our true identity never changes!

After thinking on this some more I decided these two ideas combined together become an issue of honesty.  Are we honest about who we are to ourselves, to others, and to God.  Last night I shared that we forget two facts, that others are sinners, and so are we.  That because of those facts things come out of others mouths that label us and hurt us, things come out of our mouths that label others and hurt them, and the world does things that label us and are hurtful.  Then when we allow those things to interfere with our perception of who we are in Christ, we stop being honest and began wearing masks to cover up the hurt.

After this, someone else shared, and as part of this they said something that struck me.  They said “…that S word you said”.  That S word?  I thought to myself “sin, you can’t say the word sin?”  Then this morning I thought on that some more.  If we cannot even say the word “sin” how can admit that we commit it?  If we cannot utter the word “sinner” how can we admit we are one?  It is awfully difficult for me to imagine myself telling God “Lord forgive me I know that was a “S word” and I know that you didn’t like it”.  Talk about honesty.  That is the root of honesty in our identity in Christ!  We are only who we are in Christ because He came to die for us, because we are sinners, and because we believe that He did so.  If we cannot be honest about our sin then we are taking for granted the very act that gave us our identity in Christ, and we are wearing a mask even before God.

Even more so then that, if we cannot speak the word sin or sinner how are we going to be honest with a lost and dieing generation about their need for Christ?  If they see us wear masks to cover up who we are, to cover up our “S word”, then how can we expect them to admit they are a “S”ner so that they realize their most desperate need is Christ?  Being completely honest, I would desire that my honesty would allow others to see Christ’s grace shine through me because I am consistent and honest always, never wearing a mask.