August 25th 2009

How many different ways do you communicate with people?  I would imagine there are many.  For me I can think of a wide variety of ways that include simply talking to them face to face, calling them on the phone, or the more subtle ways like facial expressions.  Then there is the whole gamete of non face to face communication media from writing a letter or postcard, to email facebook texting and twitter.  Each type of communication all serves a purpose.  That purpose, to convey information from one person to the other.  In all reality whether we choose to convey that message face to face, via a letter, or even a text message, as long as the message is conveyed, the mode is unimportant.

Now when it comes to communicating with God we only have one way of doing that, prayer.  However in the reverse God has many ways to communicate with us.  The point is still the same no matter how He chooses to convey the message, and that is to get the message across to us.  Even more awe inspiring to me is the fact that He would even choose to communicate with me at all!  That God, the creator of the universe and everything in it, would take the time to communicate to me!  He chooses to do that, to convey a message to me, because He has decided He wants to mold me so that He can use me in His plan.  And there again another thing to be awed by.  That God would choose to use me in His plan, when He most certainly does not need me.

So, when God communicates with me, it doesn’t matter how He does it.  It only matters that He does.  The fact that every day He chooses to take the time to communicate with me in any way He chooses is simply humbling.  When was the last time you just allowed God to communicate to you and listened without expectation, awed by the fact that He was taking the time to even do so?