15 Valentines Ago

February 13th 2012

Fifteen years ago I moved to Utah to be with Mike.  We had met the previous September, online, and gotten engaged after Christmas.  We had spent all of 5 days together in person at that point.  I knew God had brought him into my life, and that I wanted to spend the rest of my life together with him.

Fifteen years ago I left all that I knew to move, and when I arrived I spent 6 weeks living with his sister until I had an apartment again.  Mike had flown from Utah to California to help me pack all of my things and drive a truck back to Utah.  It was Valentine’s weekend 15 years ago.  On Valentine’s day that year we had what I call our first “official” date.

I call it that because though we had known each other for months, and spent countless hours on the phone and online together, he had never picked me up for an actual date.  We had spent several days together over Christmas, but none of those were traditional dates.  So, that night, he came to his sister’s house to pick me up.  His brother in law, as a joke, actually asked him “so what time can we expect you to have her home?”  Now that he has 4 girls, I am sure practicing that question will come in handy soon.

Now, every Valentine’s day since I joke with him about that weekend, and about how we were engaged before we ever had our first “official” date.


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