Now that I am sitting down in a hotel room and not in a car, I can give you all an update on the road trip days 1-3.  So far things have been mostly as expected, with a couple of side trips, one planned one not.

On day 1, Sunday, we left West Wendover for church and drove the 120 miles as we always do.  After church we reset the odometer and headed out on our trip.  Our goal that day was to make it to Fillmore, Utah.  We decided to break up the drive to Southern California into 3 days rather then 2 on this trip so that I would not have to endure too many hours in the car, and so we could enjoy those days.  The drive was as expected, and we arrived in Fillmore.  After checking into the hotel my husband discovered we were just a few miles from several extinct volcanoes and the lava fields of Millard County, Utah.  Of course this meant the first side trip on the Road Trip.  We drove just 10 miles out of town to discover amazing lava fields where farmers had planted right up to the edge of it.  Several extinct volcanoes we never knew were there, that you can see from I-15.  Well worth the 30 minute round trip drive.  Then back to Fillmore for dinner and the hotel for the night.  325 miles on our Odometer.

Day 2 we had breakfast in our hotel and our goal was to reach Las Vegas, where we would have dinner at my sister’s house, then stay the night in Henderson.  We arrived in Las Vegas and spent the afternoon at my sister’s house, where she made us a very yummy taco dinner, complete with dessert!  We played Yahtzee, and boggle, and we laughed enough to make my cheeks hurt.  We then went to the hotel, which in google maps looked like a dirt lot with a hotel under construction, we were glad it still wasn’t that way when we found it!  Day 2 Mileage 304 miles -total mileage 629.

On day 3 of the Road Trip our goal, Ontario California where Bryan and I would spend 5 days.  We drove part of the way and stopped for lunch at a well known burger place with a play land.  Bryan very much needed this!  He had fun, and off we went to complete the last of the drive on day 3.  When we arrived we called Bryan’s aunt Melissa, and she came to the hotel to see us and have dinner.  We went to dinner at Coco’s, since they didn’t have a wait and we didn’t have time to wait!  Mike had to fly home to work for the week, so when it was time to take him to the airport, my best friend of 27 years, Sylvia, came and met us.  She is my “chauffeur” for the week (for those who don’t know or don’t recall-I do not drive due to my medical issues).  Sylvia went with Mike and I to Long Beach airport (why Mike didn’t fly out of Ontario airport 5 minutes away–it was way cheaper out of Long Beach!)  Bryan was given the choice to go with us to the airport-or hang out with his aunt, his aunt easily won and he stayed with her.  He got to go to Bass Pro Shops.  He was probably glad he did, since on the way back we had (not planned) side trip number 2.  Sylvia and I missed one of the interchanges coming back from the airport and went about 20 miles out of our way!!  Not so fun in L.A. traffic, and since I haven’t lived here 13 years it took me that long to figure out we were in the wrong place!!!  Well, we were in the car longer then we thought we would be, but we were having fun catching up in the process. Day 3 Mileage 369 Total Mileage 698.

Now it is the morning of day 4 and there is no real plan.  Play it by ear, do whatever, just hang out.  Which is going to have to be ok.  It is ok sometimes to not have a plan when you are on vacation.


  1. Well I warned you before hand that I get lost on my way back from Disneyland. Been there 3 times within the last 3 months and we got lost all 3 times.

    Comment by Sylvia — April 7, 2010 @ 11:51 am

  2. Enjoy the vacation my friend. Sometimes, in my opinion, it’s not having some where to be that provides the best opportunities to witness, fellowship, and see what God is doing around you. Blessings!!

    Comment by TJ Conwell — April 8, 2010 @ 4:18 am

  3. So happy you are getting to do this. Loving keeping up w/ you on your blog. Praying from the rear!

    Comment by Martha (aka SwitchngGranny) — April 9, 2010 @ 12:27 pm

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