In The Gap

March 12th 2010

For those of you who read my blog regularly, you might recall that back in December I wrote about signing up for my medicare part D coverage.  How I would be, for the first time, Approaching The Gap.  Well, I’ve done it, I’ve reached the gap!  Believe it or not I have already managed to reach the coverage gap for medicare part D by just the 3rd month of the year.  Not a shock to me at all, as I knew I would reach it this quickly.  I also know that the next two months I will be paying not a small amount for my medications because I will be fully in the gap for 2 months.

I am glad however this is the only gap I will be in!  For instance, I don’t shop at The Gap.  I also don’t like rock climbing, so there is little chance you will find me in a gap between two rocks.  Since I had braces as a teenager there are no gaps between my teeth.  Most importantly, I am no longer trapped in the gap that existed between myself  and God because I accepted the coverage Christ offered me on the cross to cover the gap.  So the next 2 months I will pay for my medications in the gap, while remaining thankful that Christ paid my penalty so that there would no longer be a gap between me and God.

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