Last night someone I consider a friend was told their mother was taken to the hospital.  This morning she is on her way to be with her.  I am asking all of you to pray.  I believe prayer is powerful.  God delights in working through the prayers of His people, He delights in hearing our voices, in listening to our needs, and in answering them when they are in His will.  God desires to work through His people and their prayers to accomplish His work.  When we pray we are going to the feet of the Lord, the feet of the one who Loved us so much He gave it all, why would He not give us even the smallest thing.  So I am asking you to pray, pray for Shellie’s mom.  Pray that God’s hand will move on her behalf, that God will answer His promises and provide and over abundance of peace, comfort and strength for Shellie.  That He would be abundantly and obviously present.

When we pray we show God that we have faith, because we wouldn’t ask if we didn’t believe He would answer.  God delights in hearing us because it proves to Him we believe Him.  If you believe God, pray with me, because I know prayers are powerful.


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  1. Oh, Kelly, you & Mike both have such great spirits. God has been preparing me for all these months. With all these new relationships. I don’t feel so alone.To be able to feel that Body of Christ, today, like I’ve not felt in a long time.I feel so loved. Unconditionally. I am trying to find that joy in this. Really never imagined this would be the way to see my parents again.

    You are a stronghold & I give praise to God for the heart He has given you.

    Comment by Shellie (baylormum) — March 11, 2010 @ 12:32 pm

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