Frenzied Preparation

December 21st 2009

My parents are coming for Christmas!  I am so excited because this is my first Christmas in my new house, and the first Christmas since I have been married, we years, that I have been able to have family come to my home for Christmas.  So it is very exciting for me to have them come this year.  The past couple of days we have been getting ready for their arrival, and since we just moved in 2 months ago, there were a few extra things that were still left undone from the move.

We still had a few boxes left in the room they are staying in-done.  We needed to get the bed set up for them-done.  My husband wanted to get a few of the things that were still in the garage taken care of-he is working on that now.  Plus all of the normal things you do when company comes.  Plus shopping for Christmas dinner.  So it has been a bit frenzied the last couple of days because I added on top of that singing in the cantata yesterday.  Then of course while I would be working on doing something I would get distracted, forget what I was doing, then have to go back to it again.  Well they will arrive tomorrow, whether I am ready or not.

In all of this I started thinking, we all tend to get a little frenzied when company is coming to our house.  However, how frenzied are we over the fact that Christ is returning for His church?  He is coming whether we are ready or not.  I for one would very much like to be prepared if He arrives while I am still here.  I want Him to find me doing what He has asked me to be doing, rather then distracted.  He is going to arrive either way, and I pray we are all diligently working on being prepared.

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