Being Purposeful

December 12th 2009

This week has been difficult, frustrating, and has taught me that I am glad I did things the way I did them the past 4 years.  What do I mean by that?

This week I was reminded more then once that we choose whether or not to tell kids the truth about even the simplest things, what information we choose to expose them to, and how we choose to share what we share with them.  I was reminded of that because I was faced with all of those things in a matter of days.  I had to tell my child the truth about pain, the truth about what he was facing, I had to shield him from what he didn’t need to hear, and I had to choose to explain things in ways he could understand without making him think things that were not true.  I also at the same time had to shield him from others who were not doing the same thing–who were not being purposeful with their words, with their language, with their choices.

Purposeful.  My husband and I were purposeful in the last 4 years about how we handled my illness and my surgeries in relation to my son.  How we explained them, how we helped him handle it, how much information and how we shared it with him.  Purposeful.  So this week I again was purposeful in my words when explaining things, in being honest with him.  Purposeful in what information he was exposed to, and how he was exposed to it.  During the week everyone was surprised how well he understood what was going on, and at the same time how well he handled it.  I made a point a being purposeful.

When we are purposeful in our choices we are making a choice in how we act, what we say.  We are thinking about it.  When we are not purposeful that means we are simply allowing it to happen.  Being fully aware of the information that is available for my son in the world I want him to know that in every situation I am always going to be honest with him, that he can trust me, and that I am the one he can count on for information that is reliable.  This week I was able to prove that to him because I was purposeful in my words.  Others around me were not, and I was not surprised when he noticed, and very boldly pointed it out today.



  1. One of Hawk Nelson’s songs on Live Life Loud, “Eggshells”: “If I could catch the words before they left my mouth, I’d do it / If I could reach right out and turn them all around, I’d do it / But it’s out there yeah I said it / And in a way I don’t regret it / ‘Cause I won’t sit back and let us slip away” It has been reminding ME lately to watch my words & how I say things. Once they are out they, they are out there. I want to be more purposeful in how I speak & treat others. No matter what. In that split second, in traffic, someone irritates me. I have no idea about that moment for them. Job loss, financial crisis, death. I just have to love each person. No matter what. My life has purpose. To bring Glory to God. In how I act, how I serve, and how I speak. It’s not always perfect, but I do catch myself trying to think first, speak second. Great reminder, Kelly. Glad Bryan came through it with the patience he has learned from his parents and with God’s Hand over you both. (Oh, & Mike, too):)

    Comment by Shellie (baylormum) — December 12, 2009 @ 3:12 pm

  2. I feel like I missed this whole week with my own sickness and busyness. I was all wrapped up in my own stuff. Sorry 🙁 I’m glad you are on your way home and hope that all the results were good and that you can all rest well in your own beds soon!

    Comment by Lisa Mongold — December 12, 2009 @ 9:48 pm

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