That Doesn’t Count

November 19th 2009

2 days ago I celebrated my birthday.  The night before and day of my husband and I had a lot of laughs over what could not “count” as a gift.  There were a couple of other people involved in this, Lisa and Shellie, and this made it all the more fun!

The reason this all started was because we recently moved into our new home, and as such we have ended up buying several new things for it.  My birthday turned out to be a Tuesday, the day of my woman’s bible study in Tooele, and the day we have been going into Salt Lake early to do our “house shopping”.  So we started talking about the things we needed to get and how since it was my birthday it was so convenient that they could be my gifts!  Of course the first item on the list was an appliance, I said “no that doesn’t count” and Mike just laughed–this became a running joke that extended to our twitter friends, and even included things like ice cube trays (which were much needed).  All day on my birthday we kept twittering things like”Do blinds count?” and got responses like “no blinds don’t count”.  Seems ridiculous now, but at the time it was hilarious!

Now back to those ice cube trays.  In the end Mike treated me to a very nice day, including dinner at a restaurant we don’t often go to.  I got to pick up my long awaited Casting Crowns CD and buy the Jeremy Camp Live CD, both are excellent!  I even pre bought the Toby Mac CD coming out in February.  So all in all a good day for music lovers like me.  Those ice cube trays even got remembered, and laughed about a lot.  They became the most consistent running joke of the day, the smallest most inexpensive item we bought that day, gave us the most laughs.  It was just fun.

Every time I get ice out of the freezer I am going to remember all the laughter we had on that day, not because I got those ice cube trays for my birthday (that doesn’t count) but because of the fun we all had together.  Thanks for laughing with us, and for putting up with our silly brand of humor.  It is so good to be able to laugh with others in the body of Christ and to share with them when we have Joy.


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  1. It was fun for me too (and I didn’t even get dinner or to go shopping 😉

    Comment by Lisa Mongold — November 20, 2009 @ 12:05 pm

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