The Mechanic

August 19th 2009

Yesterday I had 5 different appointments I had to go to for tests and Drs. appointment all related to various medical issues.  Not unusual for me to be having medical issues, but 5 different appointments and tests on one day is a lot for me to accomplish.  However, in the middle of all of this I came up with an interesting analogy.

Some people have car trouble, I happen to have medical trouble.  When you have car trouble you visit a mechanic, when you have medical trouble you visit a doctor.  They both send you a bill.  When you have car trouble you often hope to get a new car.  When you have medical trouble you often wish you had a new body.  With your car you can go out and trade it in for a new car, problem is it will eventually start to have trouble too, you will visit a mechanic, and get another bill.

With our body there is no trade in.  We keep the one we have.  Or do we?  1 Cor 15:42-44 tells us that our bodies will be changed!  When those who are in Christ are raised with Christ, we will be raised in a body that is imperishable!  So yes some people have car trouble, I have medical trouble.  People might be able to trade in their car for another car, but that car will eventually break down.  I know when I get my new body, it is one that will never break down again.

Until that day I will keep visiting my mechanics, sometimes 5 of them in one day, but I will do so with the knowledge that I have the best trade in policy in my future.

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