Something So Minor

July 10th 2009

This past week Mike and I decided we would spend Monday in Salt Lake and stay the night so that we would not have to drive back late, we do that on occasion so that it saves me from having to drive back and forth the same day-and late at night.  Tuesday he needs to be at work at 10, so we get up and leave to make the drive back to arrive in time for him to go to work.  However there was a small glitch in our morning.

Sometime just before getting out of bed-something bit me!  I don’t know what, but I didn’t worry about it to much.  On the way home however I managed to begin getting blisters.  And not one blister, but several, and my finger started turning red, and swelling.  So we call the clinic where we live, and then proceed to turn around to drive back almost to where we came from.  Now this isn’t just 10 miles, this was 50 miles back.  Where we came from was over 100 miles from home!

We went into the office and managed to get an appointment at 12:15, thankfully, especially since this was the first time I had been seen at this particular office in our system.  This saved us a trip to the ER.  For me it is always rather amusing to go over my medical history with a new M.A., as it is quite something for a person my age!  They always think, as they are taking my history, they should be done far before they are, and they always have to ask twice how to spell something, or what the name of something is.

So that day I was given two prescriptions, and they said I possibly had a bite, or contact dermatitis from something-who knows-but that it was good I had it checked.  The one thing that was nice for me–to go to a Dr. for something so minor-Blisters!  Now grant you they were spreading rather quickly–but they were still blisters.  Given my medical history blisters are a fairly minor issue-so it was nice not to have to be scheduled for tests and give blood and just leave with a prescription I had to take for a few days rather then forever.  Almost like normal =)  I had almost forgotten what it was like to go to a Dr. for something so minor.

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