Let me start at the beginning.  Sunday morning on our regular 120 mile journey to church (top), we got a flat tire about half way there(bottom).  We have a spare, so we change it (top)-in the rain!  (bottom).  Now, one flat tire in one day is one thing, but we get a second flat tire on the same day(bottom), and this one would be in the same location-our spare shredded! (bottom).  So here we sit on the side of  the interstate on Sunday morning about 200 yards short of our exit to church.  I am honestly, by this point, a wreck.  So we call roadside assistance.  (going up) Everyone we know is now already at church since we were already running late from the first flat tire!  So  we call the church and interrupt Sunday school.  One of the other men at church leaves to come pick up my son and I while my husband goes with the tow truck to the local Wal-mart–the only place open on Sunday where it would be possible to get tires on a Sunday.  At this point I was thinking I might make it to church just in time for the END of the sermon (going down).  Yet, the timing was just right for me to hear the entire sermon–which turns out was a subject that I later discovered was meant for me to hear. (Top)

Now from there, we met back up with my husband (top) near the Wal-mart, ate lunch and waited for the car.  My husband had a plan to take our son to the movie that day, but at that point we were too late to go the local theater for the earlier show (bottom), so we drove to the next closest theater to see the movie.  I decided that I was not in any shape to handle the atmosphere in the movie (bottom), so I walked to the bookstore and sat in the quiet environment there , while they went to the movie.  After sometime had passed, and they were due to be out of the movie, I walked back to the patio area outside the movie theater.  It was there that I ended up meeting 2 young men, who had faced a difficult 4 years in their life.  I had a conversation with one of them where he revealed to me the circumstances of his life, which were difficult and had caused him to rely on himself due to others poor choices.  After this conversation, I walked away, and yet I knew the conversation was not complete.  The Lord was telling me that I had not completed the task He had given me in having met those young men. (bottom)

The sermon that morning was about our task as soldiers of the cross, sharing our testimony.  We know how the war will end when Christ returns, Revelation 19:11-21 tells us that.  We need to ensure others know that their individual war can be over by believing that Christ has done what is necessary for them.   It was not a coincidence that the timing was perfect, that I was there just in time to hear the sermon, too late for the movie at the closer theatercausing us to the further theater, and that I chose not to go into the movie.  I met those young men for a reason.

I went back to the spot I met them, and at that moment, he walked back around the corner as well.(top)  I then shared with him the fact that there was someone else that had taken responsibility for his life, and that had in fact died for him.  That Christ had done that for him. (top)  That despite where he went in life, whether that was home or not, we all want to go to heaven, but that this is only possible if we believe that Christ died for us individually.  That for me, believing it has made all the difference.  That only by believing that Christ took responsibility for Him, and that He rose again will he be able to see heaven.  His friends stood there as well, and listened as I shared this.  One of them even had a small new testament that he had gotten from the rescue mission.  He pulled it out, and he opened it saying “it says something like that in Romans”.(top)  The Lord has obviously been working on these young men.  I was blown away that the Lord would take me, drop me in the life of these young men whom He is obviously working on, and trust me to do anything of usefulness.(top)  Only in Him could I do it.  My prayer is that they believe, that they place their lives in His hands.

After that day I was simply awed by what the Lord had done.  Monday came and I had a phone appointment with my lawyer who is representing me in my SSDI case.  I will simply say this, the emotional drain of that day was tremendous. (bottom)  Tuesday Morning was once again amazing however.  I was able to take part in prayer meeting via telephone!  I spent over 2 hours with 2 other woman in intercessory prayer for the church and its members. (top)  Tuesday afternoon I got a call from my lawyer and I once again felt the drain getting pulled. (going down)  Wednesday, our water went out for 4 hours.  Now normally this would be a small nuisance, however given how I was already feeling, I did not handle this very well. (bottom)  By Wednesday night I felt as if someone had pulled the drain on my toes, and forgot to put the plug back in and turn the water on to fill me up.

My husband is an amazing man, given to me by God.  Wednesday night He reminded me of what happened on Sunday, how regardless of what we saw happening, the fact that I felt like I was at the bottom, God was doing something amazing I couldn’t see that day.  That though we don’t know what God is doing right now, He is doing something. (top) He reminded me of the times in our life that God did something amazing that we didn’t see coming, that we were simply amazed by because despite our circumstance, God was working out something for our benefit in the long run.  That no matter what happens, no matter what our circumstance, we will be ok because God IS. (top) Today I am still at the top.

Have you ever had a time where you thought you were at the bottom, then you saw God do something amazing, and you zoomed to the top?  That is what has happened to me this week over and over again.  No matter what my circumstance, God has allowed me to see that He is faithful, that He is working, and that He is going to still be the same no matter what.  I need that reminder now and then.



  1. You have so been on my mind these past 2 or 3 weeks. I’ve missed your tweets terribly! I’m getting teary eyed just thinking of what you’ve been thru both physically & emotionally. Think of the prayers that have been said for you lately! All the new friends you have met thru blogging & a silly little chat room. I marvel daily at how God has brought us together. Some a little weak or struggling with their walk. Some stronger & more prayerful. We have bonded together through prayer. I feel privileged to have “met” you.

    And, like you, I have a husband who would go to the ends of the Earth for me. Never failing. Always there for me. Especially in my addiction. And in my recovery. Discovering each other again. God is so God, Kelly. Hope you feel better. 🙂

    Comment by Shellie (baylormum) — June 11, 2009 @ 3:35 pm

  2. Ok, I started a comment but on the wrong post. I’m a dork. Let’s try again. I’ve had a week like that too. The best I can describe it is being at the eye of a storm. You are at a place of peace, yet stuff is flying all around you, and you know you could be slammed again at any moment. That’s kind of how I’ve felt. God’s protecting us from the worst of it, and using us in the midst of it.

    Comment by Lisa (SunnySide) — June 11, 2009 @ 4:07 pm

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