Small Comments Big Lessons

June 2nd 2009

Yesterday I had one of those moments when I saw something happen and couldn’t help but to comment to the person next to me, which happen to be my husband, about how horrible it was.  The person involved heard me, and asked if I had something to say.  Being the timid self I usually am (note sarcasm) I said “I would like to, but that would cause a problem”.  This person chose to come over and speak to me.  I told her what I had observed and my thoughts on that.  Can you guess her reaction?  Not so good, as I had surmised.

Now I will admit I did not have to comment on what I observed that day-that is another lesson for me entirely, but it did make me think.  I thought-how often do people observe something I do, tell me what they see and think about it, and I simply brush off their thoughts or comments as nonsense?  When in fact they may have something useful to say–even if that input was unsolicited?  I may not always like what they have to say, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t listen their input, think about what they said, and use the information to my benefit.

Sometimes God uses small things that happen in our lives to teach us big lessons.  If we use those comments people make to look at ourselves and what we might do differently rather get annoyed at the person who made the comment, maybe the same thing can occur.  A small comment may become a big lesson.


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