So once again I will be splitting my time between two apartments for a few days.  Half of my stuff is in one apartment and half in the other while we move back into the newly refinished and fixed apartment that was once flooded.  It is so nice! New carpet, new flooring, and I even got a new refrigerator.  Over the next couple of days things will be interesting again as I slowly move my things back into that apartment where I feel like I belong, but still having to spend some of my time here in the temporary apartment as not all of my stuff was moved today.

Actually, that feeling like I was in one place but belonged somewhere else has been that way the last few weeks since we moved into this temporary apartment.  It hasn’t been quite right because it isn’t the same size or place.  All of our stuff isn’t in the same place, and all the stuff that got flooded-well it wasn’t yet replaced.  Also, knowing we were going to move back into our apartment made it hard to make this feel like home-we didn’t take down all the pictures and bring them over or bring over all the things that have those memories we cherish.  All the things that did get brought over didn’t even make it out of the boxes!  We always knew we were going to move back-so why take everything out of the boxes unless we had too.

We all want to feel like we belong where we are.  Yet, as believers we will have this feeling of not belonging all of the time.  Christ tells us in John 15:19 that we do not belong to the world, but to Him.  So why should we be surprised when we feel some sense of not belonging when we are still in the world?  We shouldn’t, because we are not where we belong!  Quite the opposite really, if we are getting to comfortable and feeling like we are perfectly happy sticking around here forever-we might want to evaluate if we have lost sight of the hope that we have in Christ.  We belong to Chirst, and we are going to feel an amazing sense of belonging when we are in His presence for eternity.  That is the hope of our calling, to spend eternity with Him, and in my view there is no better place to belong then that. (Titus 3:5-7)

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  1. Well said! Great thoughts. So excited for you being able to get back to your normal “home”.

    Comment by Lisa (SunnySide) — April 24, 2009 @ 4:55 pm

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