Replacing What Was Lost

April 17th 2009

If you haven’t read my earlier posts you missed the story about the flood!  You may or may not want to read it because it wasn’t just water and some people just don’t like the thought of those things.  This whole process has been very interesting to me from start to finish.  This week we got to go shopping and replace most of the things that were lost.  If you read my early post there was quite a list, and though we have not replaced all of it, we have replaced the largest pieces.  It was fun to go shopping, to know we could simply walk into a store, choose a new bed, a new table, a new hutch, and replace what was lost.

Through this process I realized that our insurance has been rather amazing to us.  We pay them every month for the assurance that one day if something were to happen then they would swoop in and take care of us.  We pay them for the promise and we trust they will fulfill it when the need arises.  We pay them to keep a promise to us later.  They have kept that promise to us.  Not everything we own is replaceable though.  For instance if my box of photographs for which only one copy exists had been destroyed we would not get them back, they don’t fall under that promise because there is no back up plan for those things.

So then I started to think.  God makes promises to us.  There is a big difference here though-we never had to pay Him to make those promises to us!  Amazing isn’t it.  Quite the opposite really, He made those promises not only without us doing anything-He made them when we didn’t even deserve it.  Then I thought to myself, there is also no back up plan, His promises are the only plan He has made.  He did that for a reason.  He wants us to trust His plan.

That plan is Christ and what He did for us on the cross.  When we trust in that plan we are trusting in the promises God has made to us and trusting that He will fulfill the promises He made to us.  There is no back up plan.  So I thought further.  There is no other plan for what is lost.  Like those pictures those who are lost need a plan with promises that will be fulfilled that they can trust in to save them from being lost.  Those pictures, nothing can be done about them.  Those who don’t know about Gods plan, that, something can be be about.  The question to ask yourself is are you counting on some kind of back up plan?  No back up plan can replace Gods plan.

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