March 2nd 2009

For those of you who know me or follow my blog, you know a few months ago something happened that really hurt me.  Something that it took a lot of prayer and effort for me to forgive someone for.

This past week I had a 3 hour conversation with that person.  I have seen this person since then, but this is the first time I have truly spoken to them since they hurt me.  I knew God was telling me “you are not going to heal until you go to that person and tell them why you hurt, and that you need an apology”.  I chose the words carefully, with love and grace.  I knew that what I really wanted was for the other person to understand that I was hurting because I felt that they had chosen being right over our relationship, and the fact that they refused to trust me about the details of my own life.

In the end the conversation was amazing.  We understood each other in a way I did not expect.  She able to see why I was so hurt, and we were able to understand why we misunderstood each other.  God helped two woman who want so deeply to understand each other see that sometimes it isn’t about what we see, but what we don’t.  That when we make assumptions about why someone says or does something, and analyze their actions or words, we make a mistake.  We end up creating a situation where we expect something we don’t get, or we get something we don’t expect.

After months of prayer and waiting, I made a phone call not sure of what was going to happen, trusting God to take care of the rest.  God did.  He helped to restore a relationship that was important to me.  Not just because of the titles attached to it, but because we both belong to Christ.  That is what was significant.


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  1. The heavy weight of burdensome things only gets heavier the longer we hang on to it. Working a 12 step program has reminded me that there are steps to work through these burdens that God has already put in place. Why we don’t follow them all the time is the imperfection of being human.
    Sometimes I wear these burdens heavier because I want some kind of pat on the back for having to carry it! Wrong! Do I need these burdens? No! Having a way to rid ourselves of these burdens is such a blessing.
    I know you must feel a sense of relief after your conversation. God IS faithful. I know you worked through this with trust, faith, and prayer. What a testament you are to others.

    Comment by Shellie (baylormum) — March 2, 2009 @ 4:17 pm

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