From The Mouth Of A Child

February 23rd 2009

Friday night I was sitting with my 8 year old son Bryan doing our devotional time and praying as we do every night.  When he prayed I was in awe of what he said.  I had to write it down right after so I wouldn’t forget what he had said because I thought to myself “that was so simply stated but yet so true and profound, if more adults, even me, would remember that more often”.  This is what he prayed in part:

“help me to respond to you, help me to listen to you, because so much of the time I do all of the talking.  Help me to remember that you are real even when you don’t answer because sometimes you don’t give us what we need because you are trying to teach us something.  Even though it seems like you aren’t real you are–and I know it.  Thank you for giving us our life.”

WOW!!  Now to get him to hold onto that for the rest of his life.

–listen to God

–respond to God

–know without doubt God is there and He is real

–understand God is teaching us and changing us

–He is the reason we exist

How many adults could learn from that?  I know there are days I could use a reminder.  In the last 3 years I have definitely learned to listen more, respond when He speaks, and know without doubt that He is always with me no matter what, and that He is constantly molding me.  I feel honored to be a part of what God is doing in my sons life, to hear out of his mouth in his own words what the Lord is teaching him.


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