Without My Tools

February 20th 2009

When God first asked me to do what I am doing with GodsAnvil.com, I thought to myself  “what??  you can’t be serious God?”.  He was. I discovered God didn’t ask unless He was serious!  The last few days I have been without my computer for the second time in the last few weeks.  It is amazing what that has felt like.  I have been without a computer before, and though it is frustrating to not be able to check email, get online, or update your face book status, it was difficult knowing I could not do what God had asked of me.  To know that without this computer I was unable to put posts on a site that I felt so passionately about because God had asked me to share what he had done, and was still doing, in my life, through the trials I had experienced, was almost painful.

Yet despite being without the tool God still worked.  My husband uses a laptop for work.  I didnt have acess to it except in the evening.  A couple of nights ago there was a benefit concert for the Home Foundation, a non-profit charitable foundation dedicated to the eradication of human trafficking, and it was broadcast online.  I was able to watch this on his laptop and meet some people in the chat I have not met before.  I was able to spend some time in prayer with them for the foundation, and for some them.  Though I have been without my tools, God made sure I was able to be online that night, to connect with those people.  Tools or no tools God still works.  God is serious when He asks, and He will make it happen regardless of what tools are or are not working!


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