When to leave

January 14th 2009

Some decisions are impossible to make.  Some decisions we never want to make.  Then there are decisions that we have to wait on God to make for us.  This decision was made clear for us on Sunday.  My husband and I have made a decision to find a new church home.  After we have served diligently where we are-regardless of what has happened and what we received-we have now come to this conclusion.  When you are serving God, but doing so in a place where you are ineffective because of the circumstances, and are not being edified, eventually moving on is the best decision to make.  God asks us to serve Him, and to remain in fellowship with other believers.  The building is insignificant to that event, so going to a new building where a different group of believers gather may be the wise decision if we become ineffective for the Lord in our current situation.  For us, this is the decision we have had to make.  Though it has not been an easy one it has been made clear by the actions and attitudes of another party that the situation is not going to become better.  In moving on we pray that we will find a church body where we can serve the Lord to His glory, and at the same time be edified by other believers.


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  1. I think that making decisions are not impossible as much as challenging our deep core values. We are forced to clarify and refine what we believe as truth. This requires a commitment and energy we are not always ready to give.

    Comment by Kelly J Eveleth — January 17, 2009 @ 11:15 am

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