Next In The Series

December 31st 2008

The literary community is awash with with them, even the movie industry is full of them, and the television industry, well it is all about the series.  Our life, well we can look at it as a series to.  It is a series of events, good bad or indifferent.  Really a series of years after all.  One after the other they come and go, and sometimes they link together in chunks of time that identify what we were doing and who we were during that time in our life.  For me the last three years can be identified as “the years of Gods Anvil”.  They are the years where God has molded me like none other since I trusted Him 17 years ago.

The previous three years have been a time of trial.  God has used that time to prove to me that He is unchanging, faithful, and worthy of all of me in ways that He could not have before.  He has stripped me of things that were not like Him, begun the process in other areas, and replaced them with the things that make me more like Him.  This part of the series has been painful, a trial of physical kind, a long journey that has brought me through things I never even knew were possible.  But through all of it I have learned things about God that made it worth the trip.

As this year comes to a close, so does this part of the series.  I move on to the next part of the series.  To see what God has in store next for me.  I move on to the part where I see what God does with this incredible passion He has given me.  In any series we read or see, we wait to see what the writer does, we depend on the writer to write the story.  In this case I will depend on God as I move into the next part of the series, the next stage in the process, the next year.  I know that He is unchanging, faithful, and worthy of all that I am.

With all hope and excitement I move the the next part in the series, because what I learned in the last part of the series shows me I have hope and can be excited regardless of what is to come next.  No matter what may come next, and no matter the outcome of what God is doing, it is going to be something that gives Him glory.  He is God and that alone is worthy of praise.


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  1. I am excited for you. Right now I am working on “faith, not fear”. I know if there isn’t some fear, we aren’t human. We learn from each season in life. Using it to our advantage is sometimes the rub. If we don’t use is to our advantage we are depriving ourselves of the riches God has set before us. I don’t want to miss the ride. I’ll be glad to ride along with you in your next adventure!

    Comment by Shellie (baylormum) — December 31, 2008 @ 4:46 pm

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