Trophy day #2

December 18th 2008

Trophy day #1 didn’t go so well.  However God was still firm, and my husband was still standing in the same place he always was through this whole 3 year journey I have been on.  So off we went yesterday to trophy day #2, and I accomplished what I had set out to the day before.  I got my trophy, my drivers license.  After 2 years of not driving, and a 3 year medical journey, I got my trophy, which in my mind somehow signals a victory.

Interesting thing however, I cried when I didn’t get it, which I knew I would.  But the more I think about it the more I realize it it wasn’t the “trophy” I was upset about not getting the first day.  Now that I have it, I realize what it means.  I am not jumping in the car today to go drive, I am not itching to drive all over, go places I couldn’t go before.  What I want to do is tell everyone “see it ended, I MADE IT THROUGH!”

God was faithful to get me through to the end, to hold me up, to give me all that I needed to see me through to the very very end.  Even on trophy day 1 when I didn’t get my prize, He was faithful to what He had promised by giving me all that I needed.  Not necessarily what I wanted mind you, but what I needed.  That in itself is a reminder of a lesson learned-Not what I wanted, but what I needed.


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