Mud Puddles

December 11th 2008

Mud puddles are very messy things.  They come in all shapes, sizes, depths.  Kids love to walk in them, spread the mud, use their shoes as stamp patterns to make marks on the ground, and just splash it.  Then the sun comes out and dries up the mud.  Until it rains again, a little rain makes mud a little messy, a lot of rain makes a mud a lot messy.  How it rains and where it rains even makes a different puddle get more muddy than another.

Mud is like the messy stuff in our past and the puddles the places it happened.  As we reveal these mud puddles to the Son, Christ, they become dried, healed.  If we cover them from the Son He can not heal them.  I have a lot of mud puddles in my past.  Years ago I let The Son heal a lot of mud in my life, revealed a lot of puddles.  It was not an easy process.  It took a lot of prayer, a lot of forgiveness, and a lot of pounding by God.  I look back on those dried puddles as Gods work in my life, and His power.  Problem is it still rains, and when it does the puddles get wet.  When puddles get wet what happens, mud.  With these kinds of puddles what happens is our past makes us either react in a way we don’t like, behave in a way we thought we never would again, have an attitude we thought we changed, and so on.  Well, we are people with a sinful nature.  We are going to sin, we will never be a perfect people on earth.  That includes me, I admit it, I mess up.  Unfortunately we tend to mess up the same way over and over again.

One of the hardest things to do is explain this to others who cannot understand the kinds of puddles you have and what those puddles do to you.  It is difficult to help another person see how our mud puddles splatter our lives now, especially when it rains, if their mud puddles are so different then ours.  Even to help them understand what kind of rain effects our mud puddles the most can be a challenge!  When another person decides that there is mud you haven’t revealed to the Son because they cannot understand the mud you have it hurts, especially when you know that is not the case.  Then they develop a false assumption.  The false assumption hurts badly, but not what hurts the most.  It is the stirring of the mud by the other person because they insisted they could not see it all.  Even if there was more mud to be revealed, revealing it to them would not heal it.

So now what is happening?  It is raining.  What happens when it rains?  The old puddles get wet again.  Now I go to God to restore the old puddles again, because they are wet.  I can only pray that the person who insisted they try and uncover a mud puddle that didnt exist, would realize only God can dry the mud puddles in our lives, and only He is responsible for molding me.  I pray that God will once again dry the mud, help me to remain on His anvil, and mold me as He always does.


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  1. It is beyond me why I like to play in those mud puddles of my life. I don’t like the mud. It gets everywhere. Giving them up to the light should be easy, but somehow it isn’t. I guess it’s God’s lesson and until we learn why that mud puddle is there, we wallow in it. All we have to do is listen. God hears our prayers, but we are an impatient bunch! Stop & listen. By giving it up, we can move on. Whether it’s to the next puddle or not, God is there.

    Comment by Shellie (baylormum) — December 13, 2008 @ 8:58 am

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