The cactus spikes

December 9th 2008

Consider a cactus.  It has spikes.  Does it spike you on purpose, does it move its spikes?  No.  But if you get too close to it-OUCH!  Sometimes we have spikes that sit in us, and if someone gets too close-OUCH!  We don’t poke them on purpose, we don’t attack them with our spikes, but it still hurts any how.

Now guess what.  Satan knows where those spikes lie in us, and He uses them against us.  Today was one of those days for me.  Satan especially likes to do that to us when we are doing what He does not like us to be doing–that which God wants us to be doing.  Today God used those spikes in me to hurt others in my life I care about very much.   I did not intend to do so, but it happened.  Not because I set out to spike them, but because situations had set themselves on just the right path that the spikes were set up so that they could poke them if the angle was just right.  And sure enough it was.

My response to what happens is what tells me about my relationship with God.  In the end do I go pull out the spikes and apologize that the spikes poked them, even though it was unintentional, or do I bring out more spikes to defend myself against the counter attack?  Which I choose to do shows how much I trust God to do His part with the other party, and their end of what might have gone wrong.   Sure It was difficult, painful, and even dare I say humbling, but in the end I went and pulled out my spikes by apologizing that they inflicted harm.  I can only pray that God will restore what was lost when they were released.


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