Except There

December 2nd 2008

Originally written Nov. 11 2008

I have been stripped of the life I thought I wanted.  Planted in a place I always thought I never wanted to live–well, even said to God “except there!”.  I am in a church that is nothing like the one I would choose for myself.  Yet I still find myself full of a joy that comes from this passion God has placed in me.  Knowing God trusts me enough to use me, that He wants me as part of something in His plan gives me a joy that is greater than that which I felt in the plans I had for me.  Greater then what I could have imagined.  Though I sit here uncertain again of my physical state, it matters not, because I know the Lord is going to take care of me whatever comes.  What I am amazed by is the fact that this path has brought me to a place where I feel such joy in Him regardless of what might come.  No more dwelling on the “might and maybe and what ifs”


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